Developing a novel, targeted oral cancer therapy for dogs - preliminary efficacy assessment currently underway.

Kromix Therapeutics is developing KRX101, a novel, first-in-class treatment for cancer in dogs which can be given at home by the pet owner.

Cancer is a leading killer of dogs. More than 6 million dogs every year will develop cancer in the US alone, with a quarter of all dogs in total and more than half of all dogs over the age of ten years developing cancer.

Current treatments are mainly 'old' ex-human medications, often of unproven safety & efficacy in dogs.

Perhaps the time is right to develop targeted, effective, next generation cancer medicines for dogs in the same way this is done for humans?

Kromix Therapeutics is working with a network of specialist veterinary cancer centres across the UK to perform an initial assessment of the efficacy of KRX101 in a range of different cancer types in dogs. Please get in touch if you would like more details.